Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time&Money: Supershopper Secrets III

By Lori Hall Steele

Care to save up to $5,200 a year on groceries? We're sharing secrets of supershoppers who do just that. Here's the latest in our ongoing series:

Is the Price Right?—The majority of shoppers return again and again to their favorite grocery store. But is it the best deal? It’s well worth it to scope out the competition’s prices. Play detective, and pop into other area stores to write down normal prices on five or ten items you purchase religiously (milk, butter, bread, cheese, a pound of romaine, organic eggs, and so on). There could be as much as a $10 difference between stores. If your store doesn’t have the best prices, switching where you shop could save $520 a year.

Small price differences may seem insignificant, but because foods are repeat expenses, even a 30-cent difference in a weekly gallon of milk adds up to $16 a year.

Also ask your store whether they match sale prices offered by other stores (many do) and, if they do, and you like reading ads, be sure to scan other stores’ weekly fliers for deals.

From a story that originally appeared in Woman's Day. Lori Hall Steele, founder of You&Me Kid, is an award-winning journalist who writes for national publications.

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