Monday, January 7, 2008

Play&Do: Get them moving

Are you and the kids already feeling like shut-in pets thanks to winter? Time to shake it off, then. Some ideas to get the blood moving:

Dance Dance Revolution
This indoor hit has everyone shakin' their groove thing -- a great winter tonic for 5 and up, as you're guided through steps. Uses various game systems or TV plug-and-play.
Get it: $35 and up. Read reviews to choose an age-appropriate version.

Hyper Dash
This electronic tag get kids 5 and up scurrying around, and teens and adults report they're having a blast as well.
Get it: Around $25 from Wild Planet. (Warning: Amazon's been charging up to $90, so shop around.)

Folding Trampoline
Save those bedsprings and instead let the knee-high crowd do their nutty bouncing thing safely -- holding a bar, so they don't boing into the ceiling. Good for up to 77 pounds.
Get it: $115 from Playfair Toys.

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