Monday, January 7, 2008

Teens in single-parent homes fuel blogosphere

Kids from single-parent homes are fueling the teen blogosphere—they're 68 percent more likely to be creating content than their peers from dual-parent homes, a new Pew Internet survey says.

Some 42 percent of teens living in single-parent homes shared their writing in a blog, compared to 25 percent of teens in dual-parent households, according to the survey of 900 parent-teen pairs.

The study also said teens who blog or engage in social networks tend to be well-adjusted. They’re more likely to participate in sports, music, part-time employment and other extracurricular activities.

Girls are leading the teen blogosphere – 35 percent of those surveyed blogged, compared to 20 percent of boys. Teen boys, however, were more likely than girls to post videos online (19 vs. 10 percent)

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