Thursday, January 31, 2008

News&Buzz: 10 tips for 'Heartache Leave'

In learning of Japan's Hime & Co.'s decision to offer its employees "heartache leave," celebrity family law attorney Stacy Phillips, author of Divorce: It's All About Control -- How to Win the Emotional, Psychological and Legal Wars, says the new perk is a sensible addition to other leaves of absence such as sick and maternity leave.

Hoping other companies will follow suit to aid their workers in processing their grief after a bad breakup, Phillips offers the following 10 appropriate unisex activities in which to engage during the one- to-three-day mourning period. They include:

1. A sleepover with your best friend(s) -- You are never too old!

2. Target practice at a shooting range -- How cathartic.

3. Shop until you drop -- Women, shoes; Men; ties.

4. Surf the Internet -- There are lots of reputable dating services.

5. Box -- Don't forget to affix his/her picture to the bag.

6. Watch every movie available on Pay Per View -- Pick dramas. Grab Kleenex. Cry it out.

7. Paintball -- Pets are off limits.

8. Hire your shrink for the day -- The company insurance should pay for it.

9. Stay in your pajamas/favorite sweats -- No answering the door/phone. Sulk.

10. Spa Yourself -- Clock out, clock in there, and don't leave until your "leave" is up.

Phillips contends that a breakup is one of life's hardest and stormiest events to weather, but those releasing hurt, frustration and/or anger once it has happened have a better chance of moving on.

"A break up is a loss, a death," Phillips says, "and processing the five steps of loss according to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross -- denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance -- takes time." While one to three days may not be adequate for everyone, Phillips says, it's a start. "Employers are moving in the right direction."

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