Thursday, February 21, 2008

Body&Soul: Phluff those breasts, ladies!

Massage pioneer Cheryl Chapman's new, humorous health tome, The Happy Breast Book, preaches an everyday-touch technique to nurture our bosoms: Phluffing.

Phluff—an acronym for personal hand lymphatic undulating flow facilitation—is basically a one-minute massage that can help keep breasts healthy and happy by bringing blood and oxygen to tissue and decreasing lumps and cysts in fibrocystic breasts. Phluffing activates the lymphatic system to protect breasts from cancer and bacteria, cleaning out toxins, enhancing breastfeeding and relieving breast pain.

Find a brochure on phluffing here, order the $14.99 book from Chapman directly, and be sure to tell your girlfriends.

“If everyone who reads our book would show and tell another woman how important and easy it is to love us, we can change the world,” Chapman writes. “It happens by one lady at a time.”

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The HAPPY BREAST BOOK is now $10.00. Order from