Thursday, February 14, 2008

News&Buzz: Slacking on support

A recent GFK Roper poll conducted for (a new site I've written for) showed that while a quarter of divorced Americans are supposed to receive child support or alimony payments, the majority aren't getting all -- or any -- of it.

The poll showed:
--24 percent of those ordered to receive child support or alimony do get the full amount.
--17 percent receive some of the ordered support.
--29 percent receive none of the financial support ordered.
--14 percent have given up trying to get court-ordered payments
--6 percent are fighting for ordered payments.'s editor, Marisa Porto, said the results were shocking -- she assumed most folks just paid their payments.

"Naturally I have heard of deadbeat parents," she said in a prepared statement. "But the numbers of people who aren't receiving any support or have given up any hope they'll get it, I never realized the numbers were that high."

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